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A classic and highly durable red wine glass from the Schott Zwiesel Mondial range. Suitable for restaurant, bistro, banqueting, bar, room service and cater hire use.


Product features

  • Capacity 11¾oz / 335ml
  • Dimensions 197(H) x 81(Ø)mm
  • Material Crystal
  • Supplier Model Number 133903
  • Glasswasher safe
  • Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal
  • Shaped to enhance aroma and flavour
  • Tempered to resist breaking
  • Shatter resistant
  • Chemically tempered stem makes it twice as strong as standard stems
  • Tritan® can withstand 3,000 dishwasher cycles without losing its brilliance
  • This product is not CE marked

Whether for a wealth of cocktails, aperitifs, digestifs, or a fine glass of wine or water - Schott Zwiesel's Bar Special always offers the right receptacle. Thanks to its elegance and versatility, not only are they suited for professional use, but also for the bar at home. The gin-tonic glass of the Bar Special series from Schott Zwiesel is suited for professionals and aficionados. The bulgy form offers plenty of room for creatively setting a cult drink in scene. Material: Crystal Glass 


  • Height: 178mm - Diameter: 116mm - Capacity: 696ml
  • Set of six glasses - Ideal for Gin and Tonic
  • Machine Made, Tritan Crystal, Made in Germany
  • Tritan Crystal - Internationally patented
  • Brilliant, dishwasher and break resistant.

This large whisky glass from the Pure series by Schott Zwiesel presents whisky at its best for any occasion. The whisky glass turns enjoying a whisky into an unforgettable experience, both with and without ice. With Pure comes gourmet delight to unfold. Eleven goblets, six cups and accessories for all sizes grape varieties, as well as an aperitif, digestive, whiskey and long drink make the gourmet glass series high-class. The distinctive chalices make the wine breathe and emphasize fine bouquet. This way you present your wine to wine connoisseurs with the right wine glass, because enjoyment requires the right glass for the right occasion. Elegant and stylish serving carafes complete the gourmet glasses, perfect for serving at home or in restaurants.


  • Tritan® titanium crystal
  • Height 90mm
  • Capacity 389ml/13.2oz
  • Dishwasher resistant

An elegant and stylish stemmed crystal sherry glass, perfect for serving sherry or port in any bar or restaurant, or for an after dinner tipple at home.


Product features


  • Capacity 4¼oz / 120ml
  • Dimensions 140(H) x 55(Ø)mm
  • Material Crystal
  • Glasswasher safe
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