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The Cocktail Party in a box

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The Cocktail Party in a box is the all-in-one cocktail party kit. 30 cocktails. 1 box. The party.


The box contains everything you need for you to enjoy your own cocktail party. The box is guaranteed to make 6 different cocktails each 4-8 times, a total of 30 cocktails! As well as ingredients (including 2 litres of alcohol), you will also receive 5 pieces of high grade stainless steel cocktail making equipment, our crafted cocktail recipe book with specialist cocktail knowledge and 30 different recipes, as well as ice cube bags for the most convenient cocktail party experience possible all beautifully packaged.


The Cocktail Party recipe book contains the 6 recipes guaranteed to make each cocktail 4-8 times. The book also contains an additional 18 cocktail recipes that can be made by mixing the wide range of ingredients provided differently. A further 6 cocktail recipes included in the recipe book can be made by adding 1-2 ingredients commonly found around the house, expanding the cocktail selection.


The Cocktail Party experience is one of enjoyment, laughter, friends and of course fantastic cocktails. Enjoy your cocktail party now.


Before your cocktail party you will need to:

1. Fill and freeze all the ice cube bags included.

2. Purchase the small amount of fresh fruit required.


*the box is guaranteed to make: 

- 4 Bellinis

- 4 Cosmopolitans

- 4 Long Island Iced Teas

- 4 Porn Star Martinis

- 6 Sex on the Beach 

- 8 Strawberry Daiquiris 


Cost per cocktail: £5

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